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How it works
  • Sign up
    • Registration: First up , register on our website to start surveying by providing simple details including your name , email address and contact information.
    • Profile Creation: Next, we dive into getting to know you a little better by creating a detailed profile about your interests , likes and dislikes . This process helps us to bring to you surveys pertaining to that making sure your survey experience is not snooze fest!
    • Privacy: By clicking 'Get started' , You agree to the Privacy policy which specifies the types of personal data SurveyExchange obtains through the SurveyExchange.online website, services offered by us, how we may use that personal information, with whom we may share it and how you may exercise your rights relating to our processing of that data.
  • Survey Selection & Participation
    • List of surveys: Once you are registered with us, the dashboard will show you the list of surveys as per your key interests likes and dislikes. The surveys are carefully curated for you to ensure an engaging experience.
    • Dynamic points system: The algorithm we use takes note of various data points and the reward points keep on changing for each survey you complete. This keeps our respondents on toes making sure they put their A game forward. The more you play, the more you earn. Let the thrill begin!
    • Trends & Analysis: The user dashboard shows the latest trends and analysis of the current surveys giving you the luxury of deciding when to opt for a survey and earn high reward points.
  • Rewards
    • Point accumulation mechanism: For each survey you complete, you earn points which get accumulated into your account. Once you reach a threshold for 25$, the redemption button gets activated. The redemption works at the denomination level of 25$ and the maximum you can cash out is 200$ at one go.
    • Redemption mechanism:
      1. Once you click the redeem button, your request will be processed by our backend team and you will receive a message in your account, redemption request under process’ and the amount which you have asked to cash out will be shown deducted from your account.
      2. Once our backend team gives a green signal, your account will reflect,’ redemption request approved’ and a link will be sent to your email id.
      3. Once you click on the link, you will be directed to a third party site wherein various catalogues like Visa, Amazon, Prepaid card etc along with the balance amount will be visible. You can then choose any card as per your convenience for cashing out.
Easy peasy, isn’t it!